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Solarelle Insurance: In the business of trust

Solarelle Insurance is the brand new insurance company making waves in the Maldives, bringing a fresh new perspective to local businesses and offering customers the most important luxury of all – choice. With offices based in Male’ and run mostly by locals, Solarelle prioritizes making the process of shopping for insurance a simple and accessible one.

Setting itself apart from the current market, Solarelle Insurance not only caters to established premier clientele, but opens its doors to individuals and start-ups and are welcoming of new opportunities and expanding possibilities by consulting on a case by case basis to provide tailor-made packages.

In the words of the Chairman of Solarelle, Mr. (Bandhu) Ibrahim Saleem, “Small or large, to us each business is unique in itself, and all of our companies are important to us and deserve specialized attention.”

Recently relaxed Tourism policies in the Maldives have brought in an influx of new travelers from around the world, and locally run guest houses and related travel facilities have been springing up in response across the country. There has been an undeniable and significant impact on the economic environment of the Maldives, and this makes investments a tricky and precarious matter to the untrained mind.

This is when Mr. Saleem’s over 40 years of business expertise truly comes into action, as his knowledge from his time in managing transportation is invaluable in understanding the market. Combined with Solarelle’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mohamed Ahmed’s 15 years of experience in Finance, particularly as the Financial Controller at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury teamed up with Mr. Deeptha Dias, Chief Operating Officer’s 23 years experience in the insurance industry, there are few people better poised to understand and consult on the distinct and ever expanding Maldivian business arena.

Catering to the booming travel industry, Solarelle Insurance focuses largely on Property Insurance, in particular that of resorts, city hotels and guest houses. The company recognizes that there are many different liability risks faced by the owners and managers of hotels and other hospitality businesses and that having sufficient hotel liability insurance is vital to keeping your business financially healthy.

As such, Solarell aims to launch Employee Medical Insurance in the third quarter of this year, a new product that is devoted to providing better care particularly for staff in the Tourism sector. This product will enable employers to provide employer-subsidized health insurance to their staff, and caters to expats as well.

“We also offer a comprehensive cover of loss of business” said Mr. Saleem, “Although opting for a comprehensive cover would present a higher premium, above all we seek to provide options and we will provide solutions to our clients as best suits their needs.” In other words, whatever your business, finding the right cover for it is invaluable because you can’t put a price on your peace of mind.

Solarell Insurance is also excited to announce its plans towards expanding company and hiring new staff this year. The company will be creating and conducting state of the art training programs targeting ambitious and motivated Maldivian youth that are interested in working in the finance and insurance industry.

By Rae Munavvar - October 4, 2016

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