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There is hardly any material object which is not susceptible to fire. Right from a dry twig to a giant steel structure almost all are prone to be affected by fire in varying degree. Hence any property whether movable or immovable and having pecuniary value needs fire protection.


A bond is usually contained in a document given by a third party in support of the obligations of another party, containing a promise to pay money immediately or on a future date. It thereby provides an assurance to the beneficiary that the contracting party will perform its obligations, and security if it does not.
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Bond Insurance offers

Bid bonds 
Bid bonds are used to compensate an employer/principle if a contract has to be re-awarded because a prospective contractor refuses to enter into the contract after his tender is accepted.

Advance Payment
Advance payment bonds manage the risk of the contractor’s failure to earn the whole of any advance payment from the employer by failing to provide goods and services to an equivalent value. The failure may result from the contractor’s insolvency, fraud or default through using the advance payment for another purpose.

Performance bonds
Performance bonds are designed to ensure that the contractor delivers goods or performs services in accordance with the terms of the contract. If the contractor fails to perform the contract, it is likely that the employer will suffer a loss, usually because of delay or because the buyer is obliged to pay a higher price to acquire the goods or services elsewhere.

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