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Aerial View of Containers
Safeguard your goods
There is hardly any material object which is not susceptible to fire. Right from a dry twig to a giant steel structure almost all are prone to be affected by fire in varying degree. Hence any property whether movable or immovable and having pecuniary value needs fire protection.


Marine cargo insurance covers the loss or damage to your goods during transit
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  • Stranding, Grounding, Sinking, or Capsizing of Vessel or Craft

  • Collision of Ship/Craft with another Ship/Craft

  • Discharge of Cargo at Port of Distress

  • Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, or Lightning

  • General Average Sacrifice/Jettison

  • Overturning/Derailment of Land Conveyance

  • Contact of Ship/Craft/Conveyance & any object other than Ship/Craft (excluding water but including ice)

  • Fire or Explosion

  • Theft / Pilferage / Malicious Damage*

  • Washing Overboard (on deck cargo)

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