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Mr. Ibrahim Saleem


Mr. Saleem commenced his Government Services at the Office of the Prime Minister in 1967. He also served at Maldives Shipping Limited until he was posted at the Department of Finance as an Assistant Director. In 1991 he became a Director at the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Ibrahim Saleem was the Vice Governor of the Maldives to the World Bank from 1982 to 1987. He has also served as Member of the Board of Directors of Dhiraagu, as Non-Executive Director. Maldives Telecommunications Company, Maldives National Shipping Limited and Maldives Finance Leasing Company, and Non-Executive member in the Board of Directors, Bank of Maldives. In 1995, Mr. Saleem was appointed as Assistant Auditor’s General. In 1993, Mr. Saleem was appointed Managing Director of the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), a public limited company till 2000. He was appointed as Managing Director of Island Aviation Services Limited appointed since 2000 till 2009, and was appointed as Chairman of Island Aviation Services Limited from 2009 till 2013. In 2015 retired from public services after 40 years of service, but still active in private business. Mr. Saleem has conducted several training and facilitating sessions to several Institutions. Amongst them, MTCC, Island Aviation Services, Police Services, President Office, STELCO, Voice of Maldives, Maldives Airports Company, Capital Markets Development Authority, Four Seasons Resort, Institute of Governance and Management, Audit General Office and Manta Air. In addition, he has done and gave talk to Asian Aviation Conference in New Delhi and Mumbai, Pension Fund. Mr. Saleem is certified in Crew Resources Management (CRM) instructor by Civil Aviation Authority of UK. Mr. Saleem is a trainer in Leadership, Teamwork to organizations development. He is Director in private sector and actively involved in Company governance. He has contributed articles to Maldivian Economic review. At present, he is the Chairman of Solarelle Insurance Pvt Ltd. Also acting as the Executive Director for Cyprea group of companies.

Mr. Yasir Waheed


Mr Yasir Waheed Joined Cyprea Card Centre on 18th April 1993 and served in various positions in the process of carrier advancement. Mr. Waheed was the Manager of the card centre at time of resigning in 1998. From that he has served as Trading Manager and General Manager to VARA Maldives Pvt Ltd, and also served as General Manger, Marketing & Customer Service of Fuel Supplies Maldives Pvt Ltd. From 2005 to present he is serving as Managing Director/Chief Executive officer for Cyprea Marine foods Pvt Ltd one of the leading fish exporting company in Maldives, He is also holding the position Chief Executive Officer to the VIVCO Energy Solution Pvt Ltd. He is a Director for number of companies in the Cyprea Group at present.


Ms. Shanaki Ranasinghe


Ms. Shanaki Ranasinghe, an Insurance Professional, Consultant and Broker is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, a Chartered Insurer and has achieved a Master of Business Administration. With experience of over 23 years as the General Manager/Chief Underwriting Officer in the insurance industry, Ms. Ranasinghe has been a part of Solarelle Insurance since 2021.


Mr. Abdulla Saeed


Mr. Abdulla Saeed began his career in the public sector. He served at the Prime Minister’s Office and the President’s Office during the early part of his career. At the time of his resignation from public service Mr. Saeed was serving as the General Manager of Maldives National Shipment Management Limited. Today, Mr. Saeed is recognized as a leading entrepreneur in the country. In 1996 he was honored with the Presidential National Award for Public Service in the tourism sector. In recognition of his contribution towards sustainable tourism in the Maldives, Ministry of Tourism awarded to Mr. Saeed on the occasion of Twenty-Five Years of Sustainable Tourism in the Maldives. Mr. Saeed has also served as Vice Chairman of the Maldives Association of Tourism Industries (MATI). In 1986 he was accredited as the Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Denmark in the Maldives and in 1989 as Honorary Consul for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. In the year 2014 he received royal order of the polar star from H.M King Carl XVI Gustaf King of Sweden. He is currently serving as Chairman & Managing Director, Cyprea Groups and Private Limited, Honorary Consul from Maldives to Kingdom of Denmark. 


Mr. Ismail Yasir


Mr. Ismail Yasir has worked at the Ministry of Tourism for close to 15 years, and is the principal architect behind the main laws and regulations governing the tourism industry today. Mr. Yasir was serving as Deputy Minister of Tourism when he left public service in February 2012 to found Praxis Law Firm. Mr. Yasir is routinely instructed by leading businesses and investors in commercial and corporate work. Yasir is a leading individual in banking & finance, mergers & acquisitions, tax, and securities law. Mr. Yasir is presently Managing Partner at Praxis Law Firm LLP.


Ms. Aishath Shehenaz


Dr. Aishath Shehenaz was appointed as the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Enterprise at the Maldives National University since 14th November 2019. Dr. Shehenaz graduated from the University of Newcastle, Australia with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Education in 1995. She achieved a Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics Education (1998) and a Master of Philosophy in Mathematics Education (1999) from the University of Waikato, New Zealand. In 2004, Dr. Shehenaz obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, followed by a Postdoctoral Research fellowship at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in 2005. She has also provided her knowledge and skills to independent organizations to strengthen educational standards at both local and international levels. She has worked as the National Coordinator for the UNESCO Education for All (EFA) program and as the Chairperson of the Advisory Board for Live and Learn (Maldives) Environmental Education. Additionally, Dr. Adam has published books, contributed to a number of journals and has been a consultant for education and higher education related projects in the Maldives.


Mr. Abdulla Hameed


Mr. Abdullah Hameed started his career in the field of shipping when he joined the Maldives Shipping Limited in 1973. After three years of service at the MSL Head Office in Bombay he was seconded to Zenith Management Corporation, Greece as an Area Representative. Mr. Hameed has held several senior posts at the Ministry of Transport and Shipping and has also served as an Under Secretary at the Ministry of Atolls Administration. In June 1991 he was transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Chief of Protocol and served in this post until 2006. From December 7, 2006 to August 13, 2008, he served as the Deputy Minister and later from August 14, 2008 as Minster of State for Foreign Affairs. He was the Minster of State for Foreign Affairs until he resigned in November 2008. In 2010 Mr. Hameed was appointed as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Seychelles in the Maldives and he served in this post until the Government of Maldives in 2013 appointed Mr. Hameed as Ambassador-at Large in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also served as the Non-resident Ambassador of the Maldives to the United Arab Emirates and the State of Kuwait. Mr. Hameed served as the Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from August 18, 2015 to December 31, 2018. Mr. Hameed also served as a Member of Atolls Development Advisory Board, the National Youth Council of Maldives, Maldives Tourism Promotion Advisory Council, Foreign Investment Board and the National Civil Aviation Safety Committee. He has also been a member of the Board of Maldives Association of Tourism Industry. From 2005 to 2008 he was the Chairman of Bank of Maldives. As a Director of Cyprea Group, Mr. Hameed has represented the Company in many international Tourism Fairs and Exhibitions promoting Maldives as a destination and also had worn awards for his services to Sustainable Tourism in the Maldives. 


Mr. Anuradha Hettiarachchi


Mr. Anuradha Hettiarachchi joined the Board of Solarelle Insurance Pvt Ltd on 17th October 2019. Mr. Hettiarachchi a chartered accountant by profession holds multiple professional qualifications. Mr. Hettiarachchi holds a B. Sc. in Business Administration (Special) Degree from University of Sri Jayewardenepura – Colombo, Sri Lanka and holds the MBA in Business Administration from University of Southern Queensland, Australia. He is also the Group Chief Finance Officer of Cyprea Group since the year 2003


Ms. Aishath Shama


Ms. Aishath Shama has been with Solarelle Insurance as a Non-Executive Board Member since October 2021. She has over a decade’s worth of experience in management and is a renowned Financial Consultant, Chartered Accountant, and a Licensed Auditor. In her early career, she worked with the State Bank of India as an Assistant Manager, and later on as Deputy Manager. She then moved on to become the Branch Manager of the Maldives Islamic Bank from 2013 to 2017. Afterwards she became a lecturer at Maldives National University and taught subjects such as consumer behaviour, financial management, financial accounting and management accounting. Even though she is currently still a lecturer, she still continues to increase her experience by taking part in endeavours such as a partnership with Optimo LLP (2018-2022), becoming a member of the State Internal Audit Committee, Ministry of Finance & Treasury, Government of Maldives (2020-2021), and since 2021 to the present day, as a Board Member & Chairperson of Audit & Compliance Committee with Solarelle Insurance Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Hassan Zareer


Mr. Hassan Zareer has served as the Deputy Commissioner General of Taxation and the Deputy Chairperson of Board of Directors of the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) over nine years. Zareer has played a key role in establishing MIRA and a modern tax system in the Maldives by providing his technical expertise and leadership skills for the formulation of Tax Legislations and strategic policies required for the implementation of the tax system. He has led the projects for the automation and digitalization of the tax system of Maldives as a Project Director of the project. He has also led the Maldives Tax Treaty Negotiation Team as a Chief Negotiator during his tenure with the Authority. Prior to joining MIRA, Zareer has served as a Chief Public Accounts Executive and also as a Head of Public Enterprises Monitoring and Evaluation Board at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury. As an Operations Manager of the Public Accounts Automation Project, he has played a key role in establishing and automating the public accounting system at the Ministry of Finance. He has served as a Member of Board of Directors of various state-owned enterprises and listed companies in the Maldives including Maldives Tourism Development Corporation, State Electric Company, Maldives Post Limited and Maldives National Oil Company. Zareer is a Fellow Member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK) and a Member of Chartered Global Management Accountants. He is also a Member of Certified Practicing Accountant (Australia) and has got Master of Science Finance and Bachelor Accounting Honors from International Islamic University Malaysia.

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